Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars 드래곤워즈

Dragon Wars 드래곤워즈 Android Game APK DATA Download ARPG KNETP 드래곤워즈 Dragon Wars Game Download Mobile ARPG Dragon Wars KR KNETP Dragon Wars English Language

 Variety ◁ ▷ skill system Cute pet and skills through the use of slots Available in four versions depending on the situation, even the same skills! Experience a different color, yet cool skill experience! ◁ ▷ transforming system Please overcome moments of crisis, the powerful transformation capabilities gained from the story goes! ▷ variations look through the various costumes! ◁ Through many different types and parts of the costume Try directing your own unique variations that look! ▷ ◁ real-time raid Up to 3! Enjoy with the live companion! Enjoy the battle of the ancient gods and absolute party with live play! ▷ 2: 2 scuffle Chapter ◁ 1:01 If confrontation is sick, 2: Let’s enjoy a two! Being together with my former sub-character PvP! Feel the fun of the new PvP! Internet Access: Required

Dragon Wars 드래곤워즈

Play Store: Wars of Dragon By KNETP APK+DATA Dragon Wars English Language is not available right now. Dragon Wars Korean Language Only


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