Durango Limited Beta Android Game Download Link is here. Durango Limited Android Game By NEXON Company Download Durango Limited Beta key APK Durango Full

Durango is a Pioneering Open-world MMORPG in which players from modern ages are sent on a warp to unknown world in the prehistoric era, where dinosaurs and natural wildness are alive; the player is challenged to survive and team up with other players.
The game’s Open-world survival elements such as exploration, hunting, crafting, building, and community construction make Durango a unique experience never before seen on mobile.

Internet Access: Required

Durango Limited Beta

Play Store:  Durango By NEXON Company

APK:(95MB) [You will need beta key to play this game at this time]

Go to: http://durango.nexon.com/en Enter your Email & wait to See the 16 digit beta key on their website below.