Philipp Budeikin Developer of Blue Whale suicide game

Philipp Budeikin

Philipp Budeikin “There are people – and there is biological waste. Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people” (Developer of Blue Whale video game)

Here is the reason why i think blue whale was a much needed game @ 21 century: Maybe he is right on his thought!(I realised “biological waste” point from 2016.)

When i first heard about this game i said o come on somebody should shut-down the sever & kill the developer so that no one can do such thing again… bla bla bla just bad bad bad. But when i have done my research, i figure it out (his thought). I tried to focus on what he said about that game & then i realize he is correct. I said my thought exactly! (The same on his “biological waste”)

Here is the definition of “There are people – and there is biological waste”

There are people who is giving more value to the virtual world than the real world. This is true i (M.H.MISHU) used to play an online multiplayer game around 9 hours a Day! (Biological waste of playing too much video games: A. Waste 9 hour trying get some entertainment. B. No visiting friends & neighbors. Far way from my family & friends. It’s like being alone even i have them all. C. Earned No Money from it. D. Not good for the eyes. E. Tension always. F. Ignoring my daily prayers, ETC) You know there are so many online games where you are playing & you don’t want to go out even it’s not giving you anything. What i’m saying is that too much video game playing may lead to so many problems. Over-all video game addiction is not less worst than the real life’s drugs & other self harming things.

Here is the definition of “Those who do not represent any value for society.”

Gaming wasn’t that bad around 12-15 years back. I used go to a shop & meet some friends to play together for 30-60 min and done. That’s the reason my teacher called me MISHU you are bad you play video games. Okay totally agreed, but know i meet this same teacher on 2 years ago at his house watching him playing Clash of Clans game, i’m talking with him about his double standard things, SIR why are you playing video game now? His wife said he plays the game all the time. My teacher playing that game so much he can’t even look at me & talk properly. He is talking but his eyes remains on that stupid game. What he is getting? or giving to the society? Nothing! To be clear i don’t consider COC as a game, it’s a time sucking treadmill.

Here is the definition of “Who cause or will cause only harm to society.”

“If you are doing something all day long that’s not entertainment, that’s your work. Entertainment should have a time limit or else you = useless.”

So therefore “I was cleaning our society of such people”
That means this kind of useless people don’t deserve to live in this world. He want them to leave. See how much value you are giving to the fake world that you literally want to kill yourself.

Philipp Budeikin Blue Whale
Philipp Budeikin Blue Whale

I know he is trying to show the world about the negative effect of this kinds of useless people but i think he is doing it in a negative way. Even though he got good amount of attention this way. but i think that’s enough. I want them to stop their online server immediately. Inspiring someone to suicide is illegal as always.

Gaming is not life but it could be entertaining for some people. Let’s not video game too much. Let’s spent good amount of time on the real world real life. There must be some people who care about you go meet them, they will be happy to have you & you will be happy meeting them.

People lived healthy life before, just think about the time when there was no radio before 21 August 1920. People had to visit their neighbors, People cared so much about people. Email started from 1972 to make our work easier & faster but guess what we are getting much much busier than ever. The technology is so advanced that we can do pretty much everything from our house. Materialistic life is not a life where you give more value to material than the people in real life.

There is many good & helping things happening with the technology but problem is majority of them wasting away.

Don’t forget to share what you think about this situation in the comment below. Article By M.H.MISHU

The Almighty God Bless you.


2 thoughts on “Philipp Budeikin Developer of Blue Whale suicide game

  1. Taqwa says:

    If you want to clean society from addictive gamers, bring something positive in which will get them addicted to it. Books for example, remember when the hunger games were out? Many people read the books. The girl on the train too, an amazing thriller. However, death will never be an option to solve problems. Countries could spend more money to have bigger libraries, maybe add something that satisfies and attracts people (arrange books in rainbow order perhaps? Will attract many people) or maybe have more competitions of reading and such. There’s an app which is quite useful, actually, called sweatcoin. You gain money according to how much you exercise/walk. Lots of projects could be developed to “clean society” but I really am against the thought of leading teens to suicide.

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